TiN Titanium Nitride • TiCN Titanium Carbon Nitride    __________________________

    Gold Colored                        Blue-Grey in Color                         ALPHA Dark in Color


The increased tool life from using coatings varies. 

Primarily, coatings extends lubricity to the sides   

of the punch reducing galling.  Further, coatings

create a harder surface which extends hits

between sharpening.  Extended  life will be directly related to the rigidity and alignment of the press and the material type and thickness being punched.   On a rigid press punching 16 gauge mild steel, we believe TiN (Gold) may extend 3-6 times more hits before the first sharpening.  TiCN (Grey) may extend 5-10 times more hits before the first sharpening.  After the first sharpening, the extended life between sharpenings probably cuts in half.  The argument against coatings is that there may be a better value in simply utilizing punches with higher quality substrates like High Speed Steel and place more attention to continued lubrication of the moving components of the tool.  A High Speed Punch will in general outperform say a D2, A2 or A8 punch coated with TiN (gold) at a much lesser tool cost.  On the other hand, although having an initial higher cost, the TiCN coated D2, A2 or A8 punch in ideal conditions may out perform the un-coated High Speed Steel tool.  



       CE’s opinionmonies are best spent on upgrades to High Speed Steel.  For further tool life, then consider coatings.


   Which coatings to use? 

     TiN is good in applications like punching soft material such as an aluminum.  Your concerns here will be the adhering (galling) of the material to the sides of the tool placing wear on the punch tip and greatly increases required stripping force. 

     TiCN seems best suited for harder materials as it is a harder coating and adheres (meshes) to the steel better than TiN.  There is less tendency for this TiCN to chip or flake.

CE Tooling offers the most complete line of turret punch press tooling with the options of High Speed Steels, TiN and TiCN coatings to most of our product lines.

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