CE TOOLING  PUNCH & DIE                                                SHARPENING

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Amada   A8891GW     Togu– A8890GW

Boschert  A30110035

Strippit  CBN Wheel Part# A1000999-   A0012359-00






HACO TGQ Semi Automatic Punch & Die Grinder.

Sharpen all types of punches and dies.

Jigs available for Thick, Thin, Trumpf, 28xx-RP

 Technical Description

Dimensions : Length : 470mm = 18.5"  Width : 450mm = 17.8"

Height : 860mm = 33.9"   Weight : 110 Kg = 242 lbs

Voltage : 3/N/PE AC 400/230V

Rotation speed 4200/min

Setting of tool removal 0.01 mm = 0.0004"

Max. height of grinded tools 118 mm = 4.65"

Max. diameter of grinded tools 125 mm = 4.92"

 Machine Operation

The grinder was designed as semi-automatic machine, where the operator is responsible for the insertion of the tools. descending of the tool to the abrasive grinding disc and setting up material removal of grinding surface (via potentiometer) . Process of sharpening if full controlled by the machine and it is performed in several automatic repeating cycles of grinding according to material removal set-up . the machine will switch off automatic at the end of the grinding cycle.